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Technical Director, Shading


Summary of Job:

Works with the Modeling, Art and Lighting departments to create shaders that provide the surface color, texture and illumination properties of all of the objects in the film, created using procedural techniques and painted textures.

Please note that this is a 15-month Run of Project position.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

-Develops and implements appearance of the texture and color of each object.
-Develops shaders using a wide range of techniques, including 3D-paint and regular texture
painting, reuse and modification of existing shading functions, and the creation of original
algorithmic work.
-Works from references that may be expressed as drawings, paintings, photographic and motion
picture references and/or actual reference objects or locations, and iterates on the desired look with production designers and directors.
-May be asked to write procedural shaders in the RenderMan shading language.
-May be asked to paint textures in programs like Adobe Photoshop.
-Maintains asset stability for downstream departments.

This Job is no longer active!