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Sublead Designer (Nintendo DS)


Job Title: Lead Designer
Division: Handheld Development Team
Job Location: Singapore
Reports To: Lead Designer
Collaborate with Lead Artist, design team and other team members to conceptualize, document and implement detailed game design throughout the project cycle.

Major Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with Lead Artist and design team to develop core concepts, game systems, and game content.
• Contribute substantially and decisively to the evolution of the game design from initial documentation through testing.
• Conceptualize, create and maintain detailed game design documentation throughout the project cycle.
• Aggressively prototype and iterate on core game mechanics.
• Evolve ideas in conjunction with a team, explain those concepts in complete detail, and ensure that the design vision adapts to and survives the development process.
• Create and implement superior game-play levels, encounters and experiences.
• Make and communicate practical design compromises to ensure that the project is viable and successful as a retail product.
• Communicate the game design and vision to the team and company. Serve to galvanize team members around the design’s core features and build excitement about the game throughout the organization.
• Develop and implement positive changes to the game based on feedback from QA, Consumer Insights, senior staff members, and others. Balance and adjust game-play experiences to ensure the product’s critical and commercial success.
• Provide timely updates and documented closes to the bug database. Actively resolve priority bugs and implement tuning and polish.
• Exercise initiative and excellent judgment.
• Remain current on industry trends and techniques in game design.
• Demonstrate complete mastery, facility, and independent command of all relevant proprietary and professional development software.
• Identify any software or production problems. Promptly communicate them to appropriate resources and to the Design team.
• Assist design colleagues to bring the project in as planned.
• Participate pro-actively and collaboratively at gameplay and art reviews.
• Mentor design colleagues and level artists. Provide guidance, feedback, or instruction to those individuals that enhance their work product.
• Participate in discussions with the programming and tools teams to determine the project requirements for tools, plugins and scripts.
• Contribute to tool development. Participate in version updates; document better ways to create environments and expand tool usefulness.
• Demonstrate commitment to creative collaboration in a time-sensitive environment.

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