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Associate Producer


Job Purpose:
To assist the Producer in all aspects of video game production. To help motivate and lead a large development team of highly creative and technical people bring out their best efforts while balancing schedules, milestones and personnel issues.

Major Responsibilities:
• Assist the Producer in all areas related to the development process
• Track and maintain all production schedules
• Facilitate team communication, ensure timely dissemination of information
• Evangelize the product both internally and externally
• Serves as the primary contact with internal marketing to assure scheduling and delivery of needed game areas or assets for all requests/requirements
• Collaborate with the producer and leads to provide motivation, maintaining creativity and building cohesion.
• Responsible for completion of any phase of the product development cycle assigned by the producer such as design documentation, engineering milestone tracking, graphic approvals, continuity, music, motion capture and quality assurance deliverables.
• Coordinates with Quality Assurance Analyst and Quality Control department for product testing cycles.
• Monitor individual and team progress and report project status to Producer on a regular basis.
• Be the point of contact with management when the producer is away from the office.

This Job is no longer active!