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Game Scripter


Job Purpose

Put the “play” into gameplay by scripting missions, balancing features and working with the team to tune the gameplay experience. Work with the project’s Lead Designer to fulfill the positioning and primary feature requirements of the game, and contribute to the team’s goal of reaching the project’s primary vision. Ensure the subjective quality of the gameplay of the game through scripting, playtesting and balancing. Implement and document gameplay, and employ consensus to improve the game. Provide competitive intelligence to the Design department.

Major Responsibilities

* Implement the gameplay of the game - The Scripter utilizes the tools provided by the project team to implement gameplay as directed by the documented vision of the Lead Designer of that project.
* Document the gameplay of the game - Each element of gameplay implemented by the Scripter must have a consistent and comprehensive document prepared by Scripter. This documentation must be in sufficient detail to allow testing personnel, as well as fellow Scripters, to replicate the gameplay implementation in the absence of the Scripter.
* Employ consensus to improve gameplay - The Scripter must be proactive in changing the scripting and mission design based upon objective and subjective factors. The objective factors primarily include engineering and testing concerns. The subjective factors must include the consensus of the team working on the project, including other Scripters and Designers.
* Provide competitive intelligence to the department - A Designer may be assigned game reviews, wherein a potentially competing game needs to be analyzed.
* Provide support to games in production – The Scripter is expected, if asked, to provide feedback to other Designers on ideas, features, gameplay, and design documents

This Job is no longer active!