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Shader Writer / Lighting TD


Fin Design + Effects is a boutique VFX house located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We focus on producing visual effects and graphic design work on high-end TVC's for both domestic and international clients.

We are seeking a full time employee to lend their expertise to developing and expanding our render pipeline. They should have a good eye for colour and light, be comfortable writing shaders for mentalray and would also possess some experience with Renderman for Maya.

The candidate should should be able to pick up the rendering tools that we have developed internally and expand upon them. During production you will be responsible for overseeing the lighting and rendering of shots, working with others in the team to produce and apply shaders, textures and lighting rigs. You will be spending plenty of time mucking around with SSS, HDRIs, BRDFs and open EXR!

Fin is looking for someone that not only possesses the skill sets mentioned above, but can also fit into the social dynamic that has been developed since we opened in 2001. Our employees share a strong work ethic that is complemented by an equally spirited lifestyle outside the office doors. We consider our co-workers good friends and are happy working together on a late-night project or sticking around the neighborhood to grab an after hours drink.

If you feel that you meet these qualifications and would be a good fit for our team, please email Billy :

Also, please feel free to check our website:

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