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Graphic Artist - BUR


We all know what a red cross on a white background looks like, and what it signifies. We are all universally aware what a giant “H” on a bright blue background means, and when we see a fork and a knife standing next to each other on a billboard, as we drive down the highway, what that indicates. These are all examples of graphics… and graphic art! Insomniac Games is going to even raise the bar on this one, and ask for more! We are looking for a motion graphic designer/compositor with a solid graphic design/art background to create art assets for both in game (cinematics, interface, presentation) and marketing purposes (print, broadcast, online).

What you will be doing:
• Generating User Interface prototypes
• Editing video for end game and external presentations
• Creating motion graphics and ability to execute them
• Creating logos and icons
• Creating website designs and assets
• Providing support for Marketing in print, broadcast, and online
• Graphic design and production
• Compositing

This Job is no longer active!