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Tools Prgrammer


•Maintain and extend the development of our current Maya and MAX exporters and asset pipeline systems.
•Implement game interface to load exported and other externally created data.
•Develop and maintain applications to validate, view, and manipulate exported or other game data.
•Work where necessary to interface with project-specific systems.
•Assist project team members, including artists, designers, and programmers, to fulfill specific project tool needs.
•Write and maintain technical design and end user documentation of tools in the exporter, asset management system and related systems.
•Develop and maintain a wide range of tools, to support and enhance the workflow of artists, designers, and engineers.
•Design and implement systems to integrate new technology into our asset pipelines, and team processes.
•Create applications to validate, view, and manipulate game data.
•Work closely with game project teams and game engine team to assist in integrating and extending RAGE tools including exporters, DCC package plugins, data tuning interfaces, and asset viewers to fulfill specific tools needs for RAGE and game projects.

This Job is no longer active!