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Animation Programmer


Rockstar San Diego is looking for an energetic programmer to help increase the features and capabilities of its animation technologies as a member of RAGE, Rockstar's cross studio central technology team. RAGE develops the proprietary engine and shared technologies used across Rockstar for its Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC titles. The RAGE technology and special support from the RAGE team have powered Grand Theft Auto IV, Table Tennis and Midnight Club Los Angeles. Our RAGE team is focused on providing the most enabling technology foundation and features possible so that our game projects are second to none. Come join the most talented and committed engine team in the industry!


• Work with others to create our next generation animation system that includes motion-capture, facial animation, parameterized motion, and procedural animation tools and technologies.
• Develop tools as necessary for use by project animation programmers and artists.
• Co-write technical design and software design documentation.
• Maintain and extend the development of our current character/creature animation system.
• Work where necessary to interface with projects and project systems, including AI and character control.
• Work closely with game project teams and engine team to assist in integrating RAGE animation technology into games, identifying extensions to that technology, and creating those improvements.

This Job is no longer active!