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Networking Programmer


•Architect and create solutions for efficient networking of complex open-world game environments.
•Work with other programmers to interface with all project subsystems, including character control, AI, and physics.
•Co-author technical design and software design documentation.
•Develop and maintain software to aid testing of networked games.
•Work with the game project team and RAGE engine team to integrate RAGE networking technology into game projects, identify extensions to that technology, and create those improvements.

Additional Responsibilities if for RAGE, central technology:

•Architect and extend core network services, including connection management and P2P session management.
•Develop backend solutions for custom online game features, and to provide data to game web portals.
•Implement cross-platform abstractions for third-party online services, including Xbox Live and Sony NP.
•Foster communication between game teams to develop awareness of common networking issues and eliminate redundant development of sharable technology.
•Work with external vendors to develop solutions using and/or extending their online service SDKs.
•Identify sharable technology developed by game teams that can be merged into RAGE for use by future titles.

This Job is no longer active!