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Lead Character Artist


The Lead Character Artist works with the Art Director and Creative Director to shape the design and appearance of characters in our forthcoming AAA title, then leads the team to realize that vision. This position emphasizes the ability to make a big impact doing character modeling and texturing, while leading a small characters team.


* Collaborate with the Art Director, the Creative Director and other characters team members to develop the vision and artistic direction for characters and their gear.
* Ensure consistent application of the artistic vision across the entire character modeling and texturing effort. Make sure the team meets a consistently high standard of quality. Provide clear and consistent feedback on the characters team’s work.
* Create in-game character assets which set an inspirational quality bar for the other members of the characters team.
* Work with the game design team to create characters that reinforce and amplify our game play goals.
* Work with the Technical Directors and coding team to define new bits of technology that get us closer to our vision for the game’s characters.
* Identify, categorize, prioritize and schedule the work of a small characters team. Develop, maintain and manage the work schedule for the team, working to identify and manage dependencies between the characters team and other teams.
* Act as a coach and mentor for the other members of the characters team, working together to grow professionally.

This Job is no longer active!