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Lead Animator


We need you to help us bring animation to the next level. Interactive animation is at a crossroads where technology is allowing users to drive an amazing amount of motion through our characters. Are you excited about the possibilities that exist in layering and blending a multitude of animations in a real-time environment? We need someone to approach this task with as much attention to the creative art of animation as they apply to the technical task of making it happen.
As Lead Animator you will be overseeing all aspects of the production from the initial concept of character movement, technical aspects of implementation and the creation of production content. You will work with the animation team to concept and finalize spectacular hand-keyed in-game animation for a variety of characters, both human and creature. You will advance the technical side of animation through custom character rigging and custom tools creation. You will help the Animation Manager in leading the team towards efficient and aesthetic completion of tasks as well as providing critique towards animation and the overall creative process. You will help drive technology and direction of the animation system and its custom toolset in collaboration with the best engineering staff in the industry.

This Job is no longer active!