Lead Game Designer


Game Designer
Are you interested in creating innovative games that will change the way people play? This is a rare opportunity to work on a team of game industry experts tackling the challenges of creating innovative games which use software and hardware technologies in new ways.
Microsoft Games Studio is looking for a talented, motivated, and experienced Lead Designer who can create innovative game-play solutions. The Lead Designer is expected to drive major gameplay features of the title and implement them to high quality. Qualified individuals are expected to be organized, with excellent communication skills, both verbally and written, and have a proven track record in AAA game design. Must have a clear ability who can put forth creative and fun ideas and demonstrate the ability to think outside the box. Candidates must have passion for a broad range of game experiences, and be well versed in market trends and styles. While years of experience are a definite plus, positive creative energy and a wealth of genius ideas is a must. This is a rare opportunity to join a seasoned, creatively driven team on an exciting next-generation project.


The Lead Designer is responsible to drive implementation of project vision.
Communicate project vision throughout the team.
The Lead Designer is responsible to seek feedback from his peers and leads.
Participate in meetings, reviews, and planning as part of effective communication with the team.
Inspire, motivate, and mentor other designers in best practices, processes, and procedures pertaining to production.
Work closely with the production team to creating schedules for the Design team.
Contribute to build a collaborative environment with all disciplines, including art and engineering.

This Job is no longer active!