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Technical Assistant


The Technical Assistant is responsible for monitoring nightly renders and developing tools for render support in python. These are project positions that include swing, night shifts, weekends, and possibly some holidays, depending on the production schedules. All TA/Render Support positions start as night shift and eventually progress to swing shift.

  • Monitoring renders to insure successful and efficient shot completion.
  • Developing tools for render support in python.
  • Responsible for learning the ILM computer graphics pipeline.
  • Monitors nightly renders in order to catch errors and visual problems.
  • Responsible for reporting issues to the digital artists and work to find a solution.
  • Works to ensure full resource utilization during the night. Manipulates priorities to ensure that renders are completing by next business day. Reports any machine problems or general issues that hinder the completion of renders to the appropriate Department.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating department software. Works closely with our Production Software team to ensure that code is clean and well maintained.

This Job is no longer active!