Matthew Zeyn F/T

Oviedo, Florida
Animator/Lighting at EPL Interactive




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Bachelors Degree in at Southern Illinois University

Associates Degree in at DAVE School (Digital Animation Visual Effects)


Animator/Lighting at EPL Interactive

Apr 2005 - Jun 2005
Job Duties: Lighting Lighting Compositing Special FX / Particle Systems Animation (FX) Camera Placement / Tracking Modeling (Low Poly) Image Processing Software: , AutoCad, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, LightWave, FilmBox, Microsoft Word, Motion Builder, Quicktime Summary:I was involved with modeling of props and destruction starships. I was lead animator for one of the large complex space battle shots. Once more scenes were available I worked as lighting director for my shots and several others. Its harder to be specific about most shots on this project as it was a very integrated group effort. Lighting was main contributaion to the overall effort.

Animator/Lighting at Alan Chan managed project- SPACE ELEVATOR

Oct 2004 - Jan 2005
Job Duties: Lighting Animation (Object) Pipeline / Scheduling / Asset Mgmt Animation (FX) Modeling (High Poly) Software: , Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, LightWave Summary:This project was lead by Alan Chan of Sony Filmworks. It was a cinematic done for display by entrepreneurs who wish to actually build heavy lift elevators to orbit. I was brought in to help out and gain experience as the deadline came down. I was given five shots to take from animatic to rendered elements. This involved upresing models, tweaking animation, lighting, element rendering.

Software and Technologies

AutoCad, Photoshop, LightWave, FilmBox, Motion Builder, Quicktime, Adobe After Effects, Microsoft Word

Style or Genre (if applicable)

TV Production


Automotive, Airlines, Movies & Entertainment, Watercraft, , Production