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Previs Supervisor




Position:  Pre-Viz Supervisor

Reports to: Director /Producer/Production team

Department: Previs / Rough Layout


Position Description:

The Pre-Viz Supervisor is the creative and technical leader of the Layout department. His number one priority is to create a dynamic cinematic vision for the film that supports the narrative, adheres to production assumptions and executes it in a manner inspiring the crew. They work closely with the Director(s) to translate their vision (as represented by the storyboards) into a 3D environment. The Pre-Viz Supervisor contributes to a dynamic cinematic vision for the film and creatively and technically supports other members of the Art, Layout, Modeling, Rigging, Animation teams. He must provide creative and technical solutions to aesthetic problems in a mentoring way.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Pre-Viz Layout: Creative

·         Act as the creative leader of the layout process.

·         Responsible for controlling the complexity of the movie.

·         Take the vision of the Director(s), and block the existing boards to create a 3D version of the story reel with a unique layout of shots.

·         Work closely with the CG Supervisor and Art Director to incorporate other department’s concerns into the layout.

·         Provide creative and technical solutions to aesthetic problems.

·         Work with the Director(s) and CG Supervisor on the iterations of each shot/sequence.

·         During review sessions, discuss shot changes with the Director(s) and Storyboard Artist(s) and offer creative input and technical solution-oriented ideas to enhance continuity and consistency of the sequence. Create solutions to creative problems.

·         Define and interpret specific instructions from the Directors and production.

·         Prepare detailed notes of Layout requirements using Director’s initial notes.

·         If required, communicates with Overseas Layout Department when issues or questions arise, including meetings and conference calls.


Pre-Viz Layout: Technical

·         Responsible for being knowledgeable about software used on the production, as it relates to the Layout department.

·         Up-to-date technically on all hardware and software used in production, including experience with basic Python/MEL scripting.

·         Ensure that Pipeline protocols are followed by the Art, Layout, Modeling, Rigging, Animation department.

·         Ensure that the development and integration of toolsets for rough layout.

·         Liaise with department heads to solve technical problems.


Pre-Viz Layout: Administrative

·         Document cinematic style workflow and pipeline process for production.

·         Remain accountable for shot count management through Layout process.

·         Accountable for on time, on budget execution and delivery of up to date layouts throughout production.

·         Responsible for controlling the complexity of the movie, within the scope of production.

·         Responsible for communicating all changes and updates through their APM/Coordinator in a timely fashion.

·         Responsible for adhering to the production schedule.

·         Work with the CG Supervisor on casting shots/assignments to Layout artists.

·         Responsible for improving the performance of artists on the team, both technically and creatively.

·         Responsible for participation in the unification and initiatives for the studio within the Layout department.

·         Facilitate meetings with Layout artists to keep the crew informed on show changes and requirements.

·         Ensure open lines of communication with APM and Production.

·         Communicate with Overseas Layout Department when issues or questions arise (if required).

·         Attend Layout Reviews, Launches and Approvals with Production.

·         Use Director’s feedback to generate additional information for Layout team to execute.


Required Skills and Experience:

·         Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Visualization, or Computer Animation required or equivalent work experience

·         5-7+ years of experience creating cinematic pre-visualizations for CG animation or feature film productions, with at least 2 years of Lead experience.

·         Previous experience in a leadership role on a Feature film or Animated Feature project with a strong interest in Rough Layout, Layout, Final Layout, and Set Dressing and Stereoscopy.

·         Expertise in scene, shot, camera, and character composition is preferred.

·         Exposure to modeling, lighting, texturing and animation required.

·         Strong knowledge of terminology and techniques used in film, animation and visual effects including knowledge of photography and camera lenses.

·         Strong understanding of cinematography a must.

·         A strong working knowledge of the principles of cinematic staging, blocking and camera work.

·         Demonstrated expertise using Maya is required, with good working knowledge of Unix/Linux.

·         Scripting and programming skills a plus.

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