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Oversee the design, prioritization, and evaluation of game mechanics and systems. Summarize goals, requirements, and dependencies of proposed features so that the team can assess costs and risks accurately. Work closely with the play test group to make sure usability and play test concerns get addressed.

Coordinate with team members from various disciplines to make sure needs are met, questions are answered, concerns are mitigated, and suggestions are fully considered.

Ensure that the game becomes fun early in development and only gets better with time. Requires you to be able to identify core game elements and get those implemented and tuned first. Also requires that you have the judgment and foresight to recognize problems and solve them in a timely manner.

Communicate regularly with lead designer from other team to identify opportunities to help each other out. As an example, if both teams are planning to have an in-game map, but each has slightly different requirements, it's probably more efficient to build a single foundation that both can share and let each team tackle facets that are exclusive to its needs.

Maintain a collaborative, invigorating work environment and ensure that the team has a clear sense of direction, purpose, and investment.

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